A Special Thanksgiving

Okay, I guess I’ll go ahead and blow my chances of ever having a government job. In 2015, when I was working in a kindergarten I was just a little arrested. Now, don’t be judgey. I actually hadn’t done anything wrong, but one of the rival kindergartens told the local police that I was working in their city without proper documentation (they were wrong), so they had to investigate.

In a nutshell, I sat in the room in the picture above for a few hours while they asked me questions. It actually wasn’t too bad. The officers were kind and they even tried to scrounge up a translator for me, but after a little bit they realized we wouldn’t have any communication issues. They would come in and ask official questions and leave for a little bit. Then they would sneak in and ask me if I like NBA or what my hobbies were just because they were curious. The funny thing is that, because it was Thanksgiving day, I had a tub of jello in my backpack (I made it to give to my students, but oh well) so we broke it out and ate it together. They liked it for the most part, but some of them thought it was too sweet.

IMG_9928These are the nice officers who took me in. You can see that their car is state of the art…

When I explained to them that it was Thanksgiving, an American holiday during which families and friends get together to eat a huge meal and talk about what we’re thankful for, they felt really bad. So they took me to their cafeteria and made a simple dinner for all of us to share. It was no turkey dinner, but I let it slide :).


After they had confirmed that I was in the country on a legal visa they let me go. Actually, they drove me home. During the next few months that I was in that city I saw some of the officers a couple times and we chatted like BFFs. Over all it was a pretty positive experience.  And, lets get real, it makes for one heck of a story.


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