Being a Celebrity

If your self-esteem isn’t doing very well, you need to move to China. It will do wonders for you soul, I promise. For whatever reason, Chinese people love Americans, especially blondes. I personally believe it’s because humans always want what they can’t have; white skin and blonde hair.

Once, in Xuzhou, I was picked up by a taxi that already had a passenger in the front seat (sometime the drivers will double up on passengers if everyone is going in the same direction, two fares for one trip). Anyway, the other passenger asked me if I thought our countries would go to war soon because of the recent political tension. I told him that I had no clue, but thought it wasn’t likely because of how co-dependent our economies are. Then the driver piped up and said something like “we’re all just common people, we don’t care about what the governments do, we just live our lives.” I thought that was very profound. The more I’ve thought about it over the years, the more I agree with him. All of us common people can just get along and ignore what the political climate is.

You’ll quickly get used to people staring at you, taking pictures of you, having you hold their children, asking for your signature, petting you arm hair, and asking if you would like to marry into their family. Caution, it can either go to your head or get annoying quickly.


I took this picture when I was being impromptu interviewed by the local news station at a strawberry festival in Jiangsu province. They just wanted to get my take on the strawberry festival as a foreigner.


This picture, and the main picture, were taken when I walked past a middle school in Hunan province. I was instantly swarmed by cute students who asked for pictures and signatures because I was the first American many of them had seen in person.


I was walking in a food market here and the mother of this baby handed him to me and asked to take a picture, first on her camera and then mine. Isn’t he the cutest?!


These little schnookums were a few of my primary students back in 2012. Once they warmed up to me this is how I was greeted every time I saw them. Could you imagine anything more wonderful?

Lastly, this was my fan club at a Halloween party a kindergarten was throwing. Nothing could feel better than a hoard of toddlers screaming your name.


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